chef akira back design plating absteak la

Los Angeles is known for celebrity sightings, lavish shopping, and fine dining. So what do you get when you combine all three? ABSteak by Chef Akira Back.

A top chef in Korea, Chef Back has excited the culinary world for over 20 years with his unforgettable cuisine – a bold mix of the flavors and tastes of his Korean origin with influences from the classic American steakhouse.

Chef Back’s bold interpretations of Asian fare with American influence brought him notoriety on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” where he battled Iron Chef Bobby Flay and appearances on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and The Cooking Channel’s “United Tastes of America.”

Chef Back owns and operates restaurants around the world in Las Vegas, Dubai, Singapore, Toronto, and Seoul with 15 more planned openings through 2024 including Paris, Saudi Arabia, San Francisco, Dallas, and Bali, among others.

” It was never your dream if you give up”

Chef Akira Back